Gianfranco Lanfredini is a consultant and trainer specialized in the commercial area. He is also the author of the book “il responsabile commerciale in azienda, un ruolo sempre piu’ a rischio?”published by Hoepli. (the sales manager, a role ever more
at risk?)

Why this challenging title? We live in economics times in which the offer exceeds the demand. Therefore, in order to sell, the sales manager falls often in the trap of lowest price. That is: discounts, less profits, less results, and sales manager role at risk.
The book develops an innovative methodology that helps all the salesmen to guard each single client’s marginality. It is called “the 3 Perceived Values revealed in the relative Map” and is developed in 3 strategic steps:

  1. Know the 3 Perceived Values: Utility, Functionality, EGOemotivity. That means to look at the market with the client’s eye and discover the motivations that lead our client’s preference. INNOVATION: the reference paradigm is overturned. We discover 3 different marginalities, each connected to its own Perceived Value. The value “Utility” earns the worse marginality.
  2. Use the Map of the 3 Perceived Values as an operative tool. We discover which clients rub us marginality, which help our company’s growth. So, we know how to turn to our advantage an unfavorable situation. INNOVATION: the operativity of each salesman is simplified. His professional growth is facilitated, because he can develop new proposals.
  3. Propose Distinguishing Services to fidelize clients. These are the services that earn us the clients’ preference. INNOVATION: it increases the value of the business services that earn and consolidate the client’s preference.

    A – The sales’ quality:
  • How to apply the principles of the profitable sale. Know how to manage the 2 protagonists: the unconscious and the rational man. How to defend the price, how to manage the objections
  • The Map of the 3 Perceived Values: the new guide to trap the client’s preference. The best communication for the management of Each Perceived Value. The emotions to know for Each Perceived Value.
  • The firm’s Distinguishing Services. The B.O.W norms (Brown.Osana.Wennington) frame to identify, enhance, and communicate them. Why the “necessary services” don’t add value in the client’s eye.
    • B - The relationship’s value:
  • Communicating is different from speaking
  • The control/warning of the coworker: the motivating control
  • The method to promote professional growth: W.W.Y.D. what would you do?
  • The method to promote motivation: “say good” and/or “give good in scale 1…5”

  • Gianfranco Lanfredini
    Consultant Specialist Commercial Area
    Qualified Temporary Manager ATEMA